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Good Ideas Get Better When You Work On Them

By Moises Norena


Every time we run a workshop, our client comes at the end of the day asking: “Did we get anything good”? If we did our job right (you know, all the pre-during and post work necessary for a solid ideation session) the answer will likely be “yes, we have a good number of great ideas.” But the truth is, even if brilliant, those ideas require a significant amount of work to drive value. Ideas need to be massaged, reinvented, modified, tested and adjusted! This takes weeks, months, years sometimes. Here’s the deal, put as much as 3X+ the effort on understanding and developing the ideas as you put on creating them – bad ideas become good and good ideas become great when we work them like a maniac.


If you are going to set up a culture in which all ideas are welcomed, in which every employee around the world is encouraged to submit their ideas, think twice and answer the following questions before you set up a system: Who will review the ideas? Who will follow up with the creator of every idea submitted? Who will understand the insights behind them? Who will own them? Who will nurture them? This can work but it requires the right infrastructure and organizational support to drive value, otherwise you will get a number of unelaborated ideas that will die before they even become something. 

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