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Moisés Noreña

Photo of Moisés Noreña

Moises Norena is an innovation expert practitioner, mentor, teacher, speaker, writer, networker, and pioneer in management innovation. As a though leader in the space, Moises’ perspectives have appeared in leading publications like Businessweek, Forbes and FastCompany. He is a designer and a faculty member of the innovation certification program at Notre Dame University. He was the winner of 2013’s Harvard Business Review/MIX “Innovating Innovation” challenge and was named top blogger by Innovation Excellence. He is also a renowned speaker in the innovation circuit. His interest in innovation has led him to introduce the practice to schools and to support young people in their career exploration. In 2013 he created the “Mind Your Own Innovation” program that was recognized with the Cornerstone Award from the Penn Harris Madison Education Foundation.



Moises is currently Director of Strategic Innovation at Allstate Insurance where he is starting on a journey to support the transformation of the insurance industry. He previously served as the Global Director of Innovation at Whirlpool Corporation where he was responsible for leading the Global Innovation teams in driving the company’s innovation strategy.  His contributions to Whirlpool’s innovation efforts are reflected in many products and services currently in market around the world and in Whirlpool’s robust innovation pipeline. He has designed, led, run and facilitated a large number of innovation projects and trained and inspired hundreds of people during his innovation tenure.




A multi-faceted individual who holds a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and a master’s degree in Information Systems from La Salle University in Mexico City and a MBA from Purdue University.  He is also an artist, a traveler, a photographer, a cook, an outdoor explorer, a music junkie, but most of all a committed family man. Moisés was born and raised in Mexico City and currently resides in the United States.