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No One Has Ever Died Under the Weight of a Good Idea

By Moises Norena


Some good ideas carry heavy organizational weight derived from expectations, resources that have been put on them, emotional attachment, etc. If you are put in a position to carry that weight and get a little scared, think that nobody has died under the weight of a good idea, here are some tips to get some muscle to support it:


Organizational weight: When the company has put its hopes and dreams on this idea becoming the next big thing it becomes heavy. Feel honored and go for it. Understand and feel comfortable with its history, your role is now to move forward but you have to be able to represent its past and future with conviction, everyone will want to have a say and you have to be able to respond with confidence and carry it to its destiny without hesitation.


Expectations: The best thing you can do is put a good effort in understanding the assumptions behind the expectations and validating them with good business sense and experimentation. Give credit to those that created the expectations, good ideas should have big expectations. This of the future of the heavy idea in migration paths, this will make it more accomplishable in the near future.


Emotional attachment: People and teams fall in love with their ideas, and we all know that there’s a thin line between love and hate. When people love or hate they do weird things, best thing you can do when working on ideas that spark these feelings is to break them down in pieces so people can cool down and react with a rational mind on the smaller chunks, smaller pieces analyzed and tested more easily.


So , if a heavy idea falls in your hands, build some muscle and carry on. 

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